Engage create school information management systems and financial management packages for fee-paying independent schools. In a competitive market, they needed to raise their profile, and we did just that!


We developed a unique and engaging multi-platform marketing campaign to attract new leads for Engage. This included EDMs, A clever Direct Mail, and Social Media. At their first expo following our campaign, Engage recorded a record number of new leads, of which they felt many would be converted in to customers!


Following our marketing campaign, Engage exhibited at the ISBA annual conference. Having done many Expos before, Engage were delighted to produce a record number of leads, of which they felt many would turn into conversions.

We set up the stand to be bright and engaging, including a foosball table to encourage stand interaction. We tied in the theme from our integrated marketing campaign to highlight the product benefit with a playful twist. We also introduced space to sit and interact with the Engage team, building early relationships with potential customers!


We helped Engage to develop a new brand that represented their key values and brought focus to their product offering. We developed a new logo with a Butterfly marque to reflect the company’s legacy. We did this in a modern faceted style, introducing bright colours – a digital colour palette for a digital product.



Engage haver recently rebranded and wanted a website that followed their new brand guidelines. We found that there previous site was a mess and confusing. What we did was write a new copy so it is easier to understand for Engage to edit and add too whenever they want. 

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