Emotive Marketing

What is Emotive Marketing?

How a brand makes you feel has and continues to be instrumental in building relationships with consumers. Every day we are bombarded with adverts across all platforms, of which 99% provoke no action.

Emotion inspires movement, that one picture or ‘meme’ that makes us smile or feel happy prompts a reaction.

Emotional Marketing

With the market becoming more saturated than ever, there is a pressing need to create maximum stand out.

It is the emotional trigger that marketers need to unlock when creating their campaigns in order to get noticed.

There is a need to capture the attention of their audience long enough to inspire action and reaction.

How do brands use emotion in their marketing?

Emotions drive actions, multiple studies showcase just how brands use emotions to influence their audiences actions. There is a pressing need to improve engagement, developing deeper concepts that go beyond the ‘sell sell sell’ adverts. Many brands tirelessly research just how to trigger these emotions with their campaigns. See some great examples below:

Uplifting the audience

Lloyds– ”By Your Side”

Shocking the Audience

Barley House Agency “The Brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all

Emotive marketing








How does emotive marketing help your brand?

It is a no brainer for brands to create clever campaigns triggering these subconscious feelings.

“Customers define themselves through brands they use”

Nyimpini Mabunda, Smirnoff Vodka Marketing Manager:

Emotional Branding In a Changing Marketplace

Creating a positive emotional connection with your audience builds brand loyalty over time. Consumers will identify and associate themselves with your brand due to the way it makes them feel. The stronger the emotional connection, the stronger the loyalty.

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