Behind the Living Wall

At Barley House we wanted to create an entrance to shock and shift our clients perceptions as soon as they entered the building. Being based in an industrial estate in Cuffley, Hertfordshire, the perception shift needed to be dramatic and set the mood. We loved the idea of bringing clients into an environment that would both surprise and intrigue.

“Helping Brave Brands Become Remarkable”

We took inspiration from our single minded proposition, ‘Helping brave brands become remarkable’. We wanted our clients to step into a jungle like entrance and be brave enough to carry on with their journey into the unknown. This organic environment, paired with our added sounds and smells allows us to subliminally enter the minds of our clients. When they see the jungle theme, smell the grass and hear the sounds of the jungle, our brand will be pushed to the forefront of their minds. The dense, evergreen fern leaves and rich, red tones evoke a relaxed and a tropical feel making our clients feel warm and at home with us. Again in contrast to the industrial estate outside. Especially on those cold, wet English winter days.

As well as adding this bold contrast between the outside space and the inside space, the hope is our living wall will also provide other benefits. Living walls reduce stress and improve work productivity. The presence of plants and flowers have a primal calming effect on the mind and body, leading to greater work focus. Studies have also shown that men and women both display more creative and innovative thinking in natural environments. From the second anyone walks through the door, the living wall at our entrance induces feelings of freedom, relaxation and adventure.

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